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Valley of Flowers - Hemkund/Lokpal Lake

By Rail - to Haridwar and from there to Govindghat by Bus - 294 km.

Govindghat - Ghangaria - Pushpadari - Lokpal / Hemkund Sarovar - 48 km. - 5 days

Day 1: Govindghat - Ghangaria - 13 KM. - 7 hours

Day 2: Ghangaria - Lokpal / Hemkund Lake and back Ghangaria - 10 KM. - 10 hours

Day 3: Ghangaria – Pushpadari – 12 KM.- 12 hours

Ghangaria - Govindghat - 13 km. I. - 7 hours

There are some must visit places in Garhwal. Among them Pushpadari (Valley of Flowers) and Lokpal / Hemkund Sarovar are one of them. To reach here, take a Badrinath bus from Rishikesh and drive 30 km from Badrinath. Above means 270 km. 20 km above and beyond Joshimath. Alight at a place called `Govindghat` above and alight at a Sikh Gurudwara or other lodge. Accommodation is available. There is a langar in the Gurudwara.

Wake up in the morning and leave from Govindghat. Here there is a confluence of two rivers namely Alaknanda and Laxmanganga. Cross the iron rope bridge of Alaknande and take the road to Ghangaria. Govindghat is at 1828 meters while Ghangaria is at 3048 meters. The whole thing is uphill. Was tired. But enjoying the beauty of nature in the company of Laxman Ganga and through green grassy meadows through dense forest is something else.

3 km on the way. Above Pulna (altitude 1920 m) and 6 km. Bhundar (altitude 2239) villages are located above.

Kalbhrishindi Lake can be reached from Bhundar. It is 24 km from Bhundar. I. It is at an altitude of 5000 meters. (Separate trek of 4 days can be done from Bhundar) 4 KM from Bhundar. I. Above and at a height of 3048 meters is Ghangaria. Here c. Mon. Vs. There is rest house of N. as well as Forest. There is also a Sikh Gurdwara. Ideally there are private lodges. Accommodation is available. Langar is going on in Gurudwara. The first stay should be in Ghangaria.