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Munsthari - Milam Glacier

By Rail: 337 km to Kathgodam and from there by bus. I. Up to Munsthari above.

Munsthari - Lilam - Bugdiar - Railkot - Burfi - Milam Village - Milam Glacier and back to Munsthari - 128 km. I. - 11 days

Day 1: Munsthari - Lilam - 12 KM. I. - 5 hours

Day 2: Lilam - Bugdiar - 13 KM. - 8 hours

Day 3: Bugdiar - Railkot - 15 km. - 8 hours

Day 4: Railkot - Burfi - 14 km. - 8 hours

Fifth Day: Burfi - Milamgaon - 8 KM. - 4 hours

Day 6: Milam Village - Milam Glacier - 10 Kms. - 8 hours and back to Milam village.

The trek from Munsthari to Railkot for Nandadevi Base Camp and Milam Glacier is the same road. After Railkot leave the left hand road and cross the bridge over Gauri Ganga river to reach Burf village (altitude 3350 m). Now the river stays on your left hand. Milam village is visible ahead. Height 3707 m.

Ms. Milam village. Mon. Vs. There is a private rest house and other private places where accommodation and meals can be provided. From there Milam Glacier is 5 km. And the height is 4242 meters.

The beauty of the snow-covered peaks is unparalleled and the Gauriganga river originates from the glacier. Engrave this cave of beauty in your mind and return to Milap village. And prepare to return for Munsthari on the next day.

April-May to Sept-Oct. Great for hiking. July-August should be avoided if possible as there is a high chance of the road collapsing due to rains.