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Nandadevi Base Camp
By rail to Kathgodam. Kathgodam to Munsthari is 337 km by bus.
Munsthari - Lilam - Bugdiar - Railkot - Ghanghar / Pacho - Nandadevi Base Camp and back to Munsthari 120 kms through the same route. I. - 9 days
Day 1: Munsthari - Lilam - 12 KM.- 5 hours
Day 2: Lilam - Bugdiar - 13 KM.- 8 Hours Day 3: Bugliar - Railkot - 15 KM. - 8 hrs
Day 4: Railkot - Ghanagar - 15 km.- 8 Hours Fifth Day: Ghanghar - Nandadevi Base Camp - 16 KM.- 12 hours.

Munsthari is a village of taluka of Pithorgarh district and a place with a very beautiful geographical structure at an altitude of 2135 meters. Co. Mon. Vs. No. Beautiful lounge. The mountain peaks can also be seen from the window of the room. The `five-faced` snow peaks are very beautiful from here. Seeing the snow-capped peaks glistening in the sunlight falling on the five peaks (Panchchuli) during the morning sunrise, the hardships of coming here disappear. Panchchuli adventure trek also starts from here.

Start from Munsthari on the first day. Descending through dense cedar forest, Lilam is a 12 km. And should stay at a place at an altitude of 1707 meters.
Next day leave for Bugdiyar from Lilam. 13 km. And Bugdiar is at a height of 2609 meters. One should stay at Bugdiar in the evening enjoying the beautiful scenery while crossing many streams and streams through the dense forest. As the border between China and Nepal is close, there are military posts everywhere.

One has to meet the army officer at the inline permit to proceed further.
12 km from Bugdiar on the third day. I. Come for Railkot above and above 3050 meters.
On the fourth day Railkot to Ghanghar is 15 km. I. Walk through grassy meadows and stay at Ghanghar at a height of 3375 meters. Ghanghar and Pacho are two villages facing each other and a stream of cold water comes from Nandadevi glacier. The topography is beautiful. Peaks like Nandadevi (East) Nandakot etc. are visible.

On the fifth day, 8 km from Ghanghar to Nandadevi base camp. I. And go up to 3800 meters height. If you leave early in the morning and go to the base camp, you will have a very beautiful view of Nandadevi Peak and Nandadevi Valley. Come back to Ghanghar or Pacho. And on the next day leave for return and come to Munsthari by the same route.
Railkat has no accommodation for stay. So spend the night in a sleeping bag in the shelter built by ITBT. And the nearby "Tahanladu - Bhukaladu"  should do "pot- pooja."

Elsewhere, as each village is sparsely populated, accommodation and meals can be provided on request. Lilam - Stay in ITBT barracks at Bugdiar. It is a delightful trek with a very different type of geography. April-May to Sept-Oct. The duration of is good. (except July-August) - (By Madhukar Damle)