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Har Ki Dun Trek

By rail to Dehradun and from there Dehradun - Mussoorie - Purola - Sakri - Bus / Jeep journey - 231 kms. I.

Sakri - Taluka - Okhla - Harkidun - Sakri - 68 km. I. hiking

Day 1: Sakari - Taluka - 11 KM. I. - 6 hours

Second Day: Taluka - Okhla - 11 KM. I. - 7 hours

Day 3: Okhla - Har Ki Doon - 8 KM. I. - 5 hrs (Jaundar Glacier 4 km - 4 hrs)

Day 4: Har Ki Dun - Okhla - 8 KM. I. - 4 hours

Fifth day: Okhla - Taluka - 11 km. I. - 5 hours

Sixth day: Taluka - Sakari - 11 km. I. - 5 hours

The height of Sakari is 1500 meters and now buses reach it. If the road gets damaged during monsoon, jeeps go to Sakari next to Netwar. Accommodation and meals are available at Sakari. Leaving Sakari in the morning, enjoying the beauty of the world through the groves of Chestnut, Walnut and Deodars, drive to `Taluka`, 11 km. I. Stays at an altitude of 1900 meters above. Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam has a rest house there. Private lodges are also available.

On the second day there is a road from the taluka to the village of `Okhla` at an altitude of 2559 meters. 11 km. I. You have to walk and climb 600 meters. How 7/8 hours pass through forests of cedars, willows, poplars and fertile river valleys looking at snow capped peaks and we never know when we reach Seemi / Okhla village. Here also c. Mon. Vs. No. There is a rest house and private facilities can be provided.

On the third day, wake up early in the morning from Okhla / Seema village and leave for Har Ki Dun. Har Ki Dun is at a height of 3566 meters and is 8 km. I. is the move. It is mind-blowing to see the unsurpassed beauty of green grassy pastures, terraced farms, fertile river valleys, forests of deciduous trees and snow-capped peaks of Swargarohini. Manindra Tal Badeshata Peak and Swargarohini Range can be seen from Har Ki Dun.

Also 2 km to Jwandar Glacier. I. Go back to Har ki Dun and back 2 km. I. One can come and stay at Forest Rest House. (Reservation must be done after taking prior permission from Forest Department) Return Journey Back to Okhla - Taluka - Sakri - Dehradun.

Har Ki Doon trek is located in the western part of Uttaranchal. Lakhamandal - Sakari is considered to be the land of Kauravas / Pandavas. Hence there is a tradition of polygamy and polygamy in this area. Women have no value in society. A woman is considered an object of consumption.

There is a temple of Duryodhana in the taluka village. The Kushans and Huns had earlier invaded this area. Their descendants are also believed to be here. May to September - October is the best time for trekking. Drinking water can be found on the way. While coming back one can go to Lakhamandal. At Lakhamandal, the remains of the Lakshagriha built by the Kauravas are still displayed.