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Rupkund Trek

Go to Haridwar by train and from there Rishikesh - Karnaprayag - bus travel 170 km. I.

Karnaprayag - Van jeep journey 80 km. Vaan - Bedini Bugyal - Roopkund - Homkund - Sunauli Ghat 75 km. - 6 days

Day 1 - Van (2133 m) - Bedini Bugyal (2254 m) - 10 KM.- 8 hours

Day 2 - Bedini Bugyal (3354 m) - Bisola (4667 m) - 5 km.- 5 hours

Day 3 - Bisola (4667m) - Rupkund (5029m) - Jurighanighat (5335m) - Homkund (4061m) 18 KM. - 12 hours

Day 4 - Homkund (4061) - Sunola (1331 m) - 18 KM. - 8 hours

Day 5 - Sunola (1331 m) - Ghat (2192 m) - 26 km. I. - 12 hours

Sixth Day - Ghat - Nand Prabhag - 19 KM. I. Jeep - Rishikesh - 192 km. I. bus

Trekking to Rupkund can be started from Karnaprayag or Nandprayag. Karnaprayag-Van Jeep goes. 10 km from Van to Bedin Bugyal. I. And after climbing 1200 meters, there is a very beautiful `Bugyal` i.e. grassy meadow. At such a height, the mind gets lost seeing the beautiful grassy meadows and numerous types of flowers.

Next day Bedini Bugyal to Bisola 5 km. I. Stay at the location of and climb 1300 meters. If there is rag in the body, then straight to Rupkunda means another 5 km. I. A walk and a height of up to 5029 meters should be reached and stay there.

On the third day, leave Bisol / Rupkund and cross the Juriganinghar pass at an altitude of 5335 meters and reach Shailasamudur glacier and stay near Homakunda at an altitude of 4061 meters.

End the trek by traveling to Homkund, Sunola on the fourth day and Sunola Ghat on the fifth day. Van - Bedini Bugyal - Bisala - Rupkund and return by the same route to Van can complete the trek in 3/5 days. Rupkund lake is very high. The path is difficult. As there is no accommodation facility in between, it is essential to take along the guide tent and food material. People used to go on pilgrimage to Rupkund from long ago. It is always snowing and raining. Cold winds are blowing. Accidents have happened many times.

In the year 1942, the first forest employee found human remains in Rupkund area. But the research did not gain momentum. About 4/5 years ago, a research was done by National Geography. A community of 500 to 600 people were buried in a hailstorm while going on a pilgrimage. His remains were discovered and researched. Pilgrims from Maharashtra were found buried in it.