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Gangotri - Nandanvan - Tapovan

By rail to Haridwar / Rishikesh and from there Rishikesh - Gangotri bus journey is 248 kms. I.

Gangotri - Nandanvan - Tapovan - Gangotri - 49 km. I. Trekking 3 days

Day 1: Gangotri - Bhojbasa 14 km. I. 7 hours

Second day: Bhojbasa - Gomukh - Nandanvan - Tapovan 15 km. I. 12 hours

Day 3: Tapovan - Bhojbasa - Gangotri - 25 km. I. 12 hours

The height of Gangotri is 3048 meters. From there 1 km. I. Above is irritation. Altitude 3600 meters. Tea/meal accommodation is available. 5 km with tea and water there. I. On the first day stay at Bhojbasa at an altitude of 3792 meters above. Chidwasa has few chid and bhoja trees. Bhojwasa used to have bhurjapatra (Bhojapatra) forest. Now there are no bhurjapatra trees even for medicine. c. Mon. Vs. Nigam`s Rest House as well as Lal Baba`s Ashram provide accommodation/meals. There is a research center for the study of climate. It is perennial.

The next day, we woke up early in the morning and walked 5 km. I. After seeing the above Gomukha (from where the river Bhagirathi originates) one should proceed to Paradise. Gomukh is at a height of 3892 meters and from there you have to climb 4500 meters. Was tired. Chaturangi and Gangotri glaciers have to be crossed. Distance 6 km. I. is From the paradise there is a breathtaking view of snow capped peaks like Shivlinga, Bhagirathi, Sudarshana, Thelu, Kedar Dome, etc.

Nandanvan - Tapovan 5 km. I. The distance and the height of Tapovana is 4463 meters. But for that a long traverse across the Gangotri Glacier is required. Tapovana has 2/3 ashrams and sleeping arrangements for 4/5 persons can be arranged on request. Dal-rice khichdi can be served as prasad.

On the third day, we woke up early in the morning and walked 6 km. I. Come to Bhojwasa above and have tea and return to Gangotri for stay.

It was a very beautiful walk. On the way, seeing the beauty of the creation, the snow-capped peaks and the very peaceful atmosphere, it is enough to appreciate the Lord Leela. If you bring your own tent and dry food, you can stay in Paradise or Tapovana. It is necessary to take a guide because while crossing the glaciers one has to cross from certain places.

Next to Tapovana, one can also do a difficult adventure trek like Khada Patthar - Kalindi Khal - Arava Nala - Ghastoli - Mana - Badrinath. But for that you have to stay 2/3 in between. And food/tent has to be arranged. One has to climb up to a height of 6000 meters through the glacier. Urgent need of a guide. June to October is the best time for trekking.